Your partner for lucrative investments in large-scale retail properties

When it comes to investing in large-scale retail properties, we are the right partner for institutional and semi-institutional investors. Firstly, we have an extensive knowledge of the market and excellent contacts in the retail industry, which gives us a clear advantage in acquiring retail properties. We have also been a specialist for the development and management of large-scale retail properties for many years. These are excellent qualifications for investing profitably in properties such as shopping centres, retail parks or hypermarkets.

We provide insurance companies, pension funds, benefit funds and family offices with access to lucrative investments with a balanced risk-return profile. We cover every risk class – from core and core plus through to value add and opportunistic. For professional and semi-professional investors, we assist in setting up suitable investment vehicles.

Our investment activities in the individual risk classes

Core and core plus
In the core and core plus area, we invest in shopping centres, retail parks and DIY stores throughout Germany with our two special funds “Redos Einzelhandel Deutschland” and “Redos Einzelhandel Deutschland II” in partnership with Union Investment. We are responsible for fund, asset and transaction management and are the first point of contact for sellers and tenants. Union Investment acquires the equity and handles fund administration under a third-party AIFM mandate.
Value add and opportunistic
Through our joint venture with Morgan Stanley Real Estate Investing, we have been investing in the value add and opportunistic areas successfully since 2010. Our individual and portfolio transactions to date have a total volume of EUR 2.5 billion. One of our latest acquisitions was the Rhein-Ruhr Zentrum. We also acquired the Christie portfolio together with Morgan Stanley. The portfolio comprises four large-scale hybrid shopping centres in total in the greater Berlin and Dresden region. At the end of 2016, the Christie portfolio was sold to a joint venture with the New York investment company Madison International Realty. redos retains an interest as a co-investor and is in charge of portfolio and asset management.
The joint venture with redos is a success story. With its specialist retail and real estate expertise and comprehensive market knowledge, redos has supported us effectively and professionally in seven acquisitions, both individual and portfolio transactions, since 2010 – from underwriting to the profitable sale. We are proud of what we have achieved together, and we are looking forward to a continued participation in the success of redos.

Patrick Lindemann

Managing Director
Morgan Stanley | Real Assets