What importance does gastronomy have for large-scale retail properties such as retail parks today? And does it make sense to use shopping centres as bases for delivery services? Klaus Striebich (Chairman of the German Council), Christine Hager (Managing Director / Head of Shopping Center Asset Management at redos and Board member of the German Council) and Ingmar Behrens (Head of Public Affairs of the German Council) discuss these and other questions in an interview the newspaper “Immobilien Zeitung”. In order for shopping centres to position themselves competitively today and become real “omnichannel star”, retailers need to understand their centres as digital marketplaces, says Ingmar Behrens. “It would be nice if online commerce did not just work out of Amazon camps, but rather shopping centres could play a bigger role within e-commerce,” adds Christine Hager. “However, this requires that the retailers or tenants open their merchandise management systems to the shopping centre.”

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