In a guest post for the Handelsimmobilien Report (No. 257), Christine Hager, Managing Director / Head of Shopping Center Asset Management at redos, deals with digitisation in the retail sector. For a long time, the triumph of e-commerce was seen primarily as a threat – Christine Hager pleads, however, to consider the development as an opportunity above all. Since consumers are increasingly linking different channels when shopping, stationary retailers must be present in the internet as well in order to communicate digital offers purposefully and thus to promote cross-channel sales in a targeted manner, Hager writes. “Digitisation offers many possibilities for stationary retailers. Basically, it gives them the chance to win back lost customers and open up for new customer groups.” According to Christine Hager, the use of special purchasing apps and virtual reality applications, for example, will thereby make it much easier for retailers to pick up customers needs and serve buyers’ wishes in stores. But: in order to make shopping a real leisure fun, also the shopping centres themselves have to evolve.

Read the complete guest post here: Big Data und Virtual Reality heben den stationären Einzelhandel auf die nächste Stufe