How we see ourselves

The roots of our business lie in the restructuring, repositioning and letting of large-scale retail properties and the resulting added value. We provide our institutional and semi-institutional investors with access to promising investments with a balanced risk-return profile. We also co-invest with own equity in our projects and hence share our investors’ interests. That is our DNA and has been the foundation of our success as an asset, fund and investment manager for around two decades now.

Today, we view our activities as an integral part of shaping urban living environments. Rather than limiting ourselves to providing space for in-store retail, we pursue innovative ideas in space development that enable intelligent and diversified commercial use. By combining retail, gastronomie, leisure opportunities, services and logistics, we create new concepts for future-oriented real estate projects. Our holistic approach encompasses flexible use and mixed-use concepts for our existing properties and the acquisition of suitable properties and land.

We see ourselves as a partner to our investors and tenants as well as the cities and municipalities in which our properties are located. Accordingly, our main priority is the future-oriented, sustainable design of urban living environments through the optimal integration of retail properties and commercial and logistics space into inner-city and peripheral locations alike.  Our properties offer the space that is required to provide urban areas with goods and services for residents’ short-term and long-term needs and to safeguard supply chains in city environments.

A focus on sustainability

Our responsibility is to reconcile the interests and objectives of our users, our investors and the municipalities for the long term. Our actions are guided by people’s needs, environmental protection, the demands of sustainability, and the opportunities provided by technological progress. To this end, social responsibility and resource conservation are key elements of our work, as are transparent corporate governance and open communications. We see the growing importance of sustainability criteria as providing confirmation of our corporate philosophy and motivation for us to continue responding to changing conditions proactively and in a future-oriented manner. Balancing the interests of our investors with the needs of current and future generations, environmental protection and the future-oriented development of our cities is one of the guiding principles behind our business activities. At the same time, we see social responsibility as more than just an element of our business, which is why we are also firmly committed to engaging in social projects.

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