We develop values

Our expertise in developing, revitalising and repositioning retail properties today is more in demand than ever: many large-scale properties present investors with great design challenges. Not only must the buildings be adjusted to the changing expectations of tenants and consumers - they also have to be redeveloped over the long term with a view to sustainability. Many retail properties today no longer meet modern expectations. The need for repositioning is correspondingly high.

For instance, we can develop a comprehensive revitalisation concept for each property in order to meet the changing shopping behaviour of consumers. Cosmetic measures alone are of limited effect. When it comes to upgrading a property a holistic approach that enhances comfort and amenity quality for visitors while creating an authentic shopping experience is of decisive importance. For this reason, we take account of every detail and focus on the needs of consumers and tenants.

From area utilisation to the sector and tenant mix all the way to optimising frequency flows with the help of conversion and renovation measures – sustainability plays a decisive role when it comes to improving property utilisation. By aligning our concepts with this in mind, we not only ensure long-term value protection, but also realise genuine appreciation potential for investors.