We invest in large-scale retail properties in the Core and Core+ risk classes throughout Germany via our “Redos Einzelhandel Deutschland”, “Redos Einzelhandel Deutschland II” and “Redos Einzelhandel Deutschland III” special AIFs. When it comes to portfolio composition, we always ensure a balanced risk-reward profile that offers continuous value enhancement and a stable cash flow.

Working alongside Asset Management and Investment, this makes us the central point of contact for potential buyers and sellers as well as for tenants and other market participants in all aspects relating to the property. Our partner Union Investment handles the administration of our investment vehicles for institutional and semi-professional investors and the generation of capital under a third-party AIFM mandate.

Fund launch: June 2014, September 2017, October 2019

Target volume: approx. EUR 3.2 bn (as of January 2023)

Invested volume: approx. EUR 2.7 bn (as of August 2023)

Number of property locations throughout Germany: 107

Rental space under management: 1,270,000 m²

Leases under management: >980