Retailing is undergoing the most dramatic transformation in its history, and it’s happening now, at a dizzying pace. This presents daunting challenges but also great opportunities. Digitalisation is making it possible to get closer and closer to the consumer. Against this dynamic backdrop, our proven expertise in developing, revitalising and repositioning large-scale retail properties is in high demand. The idea is to transform traditional shopping venues into social meeting places, attracting shoppers with a variety of original shopping, dining and leisure options. In order to take best advantage of changing and even locally specific consumer behaviour patterns, we carefully individualise our revitalisation concept for each property, with the general objectives of expanding offerings, optimising the services that today’s consumers want, and making locations more attractive and inviting. For retail properties to appreciate in today’s environment, our view is that a holistic approach is essential, with a sincere focus on visitor comfort and the shopping experience.

From decisions on optimal space usage, on the mix of retailer types and on specific tenants down to optimisation of visitor traffic through well-conceived reconstruction and renovation measures – the decisions taken now will play a decisive role in the investment returns of a retail property long into the future. By building our redevelopment concepts upon this idea, we not only protect the capital of our investing clients but also build a foundation for long-term value appreciation. The best proof of what this approach can actually achieve is the track record of our many successful projects together with our long-standing partners.