Asset Management

Active asset management for added value

The requirements of asset management for retail properties have increased significantly. In order to actively develop shopping centres, retail parks or convenience retail centres today, and to specifically leverage their value, an asset manager needs an outstanding knowledge of the market and a comprehensive service profile. This is the only way to respond flexibly to price developments on the market, changes in customer needs and digital trends.

And this is precisely what redos specialises in. As a leading asset manager for large-scale retail properties, we know what it takes to equip retail properties for the future. We develop tailored concepts for stability and value added – it is our asset management team’s objective and their forte to identify and unleash potential early on. We do this by taking a detailed look at each individual property and its cash flow, and at all key location factors. We monitor and manage our properties holistically – right from the start.

Comprehensive range of services

We oversee our properties – be they hybrid or conventional shopping centres, retail parks or hypermarkets – throughout every phase of their lifecycle. Our service portfolio covers all necessary steps: from deal sourcing and due diligence through to process consulting, lobbying, optimising tenant occupancy and financial management, all the way to identifying possible buyers and processing the financing.
At the same time, we have established contacts within the retail property industry and with all major retail tenants. Our local network, coupled with our technical expertise and our quality concept, enables us to ensure professional and effective asset management for retail properties. We guarantee national and international investors smooth communication, efficient workflows and proven reporting standards. This is just one reason why we can boast a long and successful track record.

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