In its 3.5.2013 issue, the “Handelsimmobilien Report” published a portrait of redos. The article quotes redos Managing Director Carl-Christoph Pieper saying that in the aftermath of the crisis on the financial markets in the year 2008, redos was able to make use of its expertise in dealing with large-scale retail properties to help foreign investors and banks boost the value creation potential of their real estate. The basic business idea of company founder Oliver Herrmann consisted in taking on the function of an active co-investment partner for international investors. In this situation, redos’ partners were responsible for the capital, while redos provided its knowledge of the far from transparent German market in commercial real estate. redos was also reported to be active in the sphere of project development, and to be revitalising specialist market centres – like the Römerpark in Neuss, for instance, or the Main-Spitze in Raunheim.