Hamburg, 1 October 2021 – The redos Group, an investment, asset and fund manager that specialises in large-scale retail properties in Germany, is expanding its management team. Marco Dibbern will create and head the “Urban Logistics” business area as its Managing Director. The 38-year-old joins the Group from Deutsche Logistik Holding, which belongs to the Zech Group, where he was responsible for project development in logistics and industry in northern Germany. By creating this new business area, redos is taking an integrated approach to providing urban areas with goods and services for residents’ short-term and long-term needs.
“Large-scale retail properties are and will remain our DNA. But we are taking a holistic approach to the question of what space is needed to get goods to people,” explained Oliver Herrmann, CEO of the redos Group. “Nowadays, it is irrelevant whether a customer buys an item in the shop and takes it home straight away, has it delivered or picks it up at a specified location. Individual supply chains and freight routes in cities are becoming more and more intertwined. By intelligently connecting the areas needed for this, we are creating new and attractive investment opportunities for our investors.” Marco Dibbern is a specialist in establishing and developing commercial and logistics space and also has experience in local government. Previous roles include managing director of Stadt Stade Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, where he was responsible for business development.
“The redos Group has enormous expertise in retail properties. I want to expand this knowledge by providing my expertise, continue to optimise the use of available space at existing properties and add suitable properties to the portfolio,” said Marco Dibbern, commenting on his new responsibilities at the redos Group. “Having an optimal mix and integrating commercial real estate and commercial and logistics space sustainably and in a way that conserves resources is increasingly important in urban development.

Given this, we consider ourselves an important and qualified point of contact for cities and local authorities.”

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About redos

The redos Group, headquartered in Hamburg, is one of the leading independent retail property specialists, focussing on the areas of investment, asset management, fund management, redevelopment, leasing and advisory business. As an investor and active asset manager, the company covers the entire value chain for large-scale retail properties – for hybrid and conventional shopping centres, retail parks and hypermarkets. redos serves all risk classes and offers every type of investment vehicle for institutional investors. In addition to acting as a co- investor, the company has excellent tenant access and extensive revitalisation expertise. redos can look back on a long track record in the field of restructuring and value optimisation. The retail property specialist currently manages a retail real estate portfolio worth around €3.7 billion at 111 locations throughout Germany. redos manages a total of more than 1.55 million m2 of rental area. With its property database ROB, the company has access to detailed information on around 18,000 retail locations throughout Germany.