Hamburg, 15. February 2023 – The redos Group, an investor, asset and fund manager specialising in large-scale retail properties, has purchased the GLOBUS market at Rudolf-Diesel-Strasse 7 in Wesel. The property was acquired as part of an asset deal for Union Investment’s special AIF “Redos Einzelhandel Deutschland III”. The total rental area of the retail property is around 12,000 m2. The property, which has a total area of around 30,000 sq m, includes around 420 parking spaces for customers to use free of charge. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price.

After the former tenant real,- moved out, a new lease agreement was concluded with GLOBUS for a fixed term of 20 years plus option rights. GLOBUS is investing an amount in the double-digit millions in the core refurbishment of the building.

The property is easily accessible on the B58 trunk road, an important link from Wesel city centre eastwards to the A3 motorway and on to the A31 and A43. In addition, the long-term established retail location has excellent accessibility and can be reached by more than 85,000 inhabitants within a 15-minute drive.

“The combination of all property and location factors provides us with a high degree of planning security and makes this investment very promising in the long term,” says Frank Eckervogt, Managing Director | Transactions.

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About redos

The redos Group, headquartered in Hamburg, is one of the leading independent retail property specialists, focussing on the areas of investment, asset management, fund management, redevelopment, leasing and advisory business. As an investor and active asset manager, the company covers the entire value chain for large-scale retail properties – for hybrid and conventional shopping centres, retail parks and hypermarkets. redos serves all risk classes and offers every type of investment vehicle for institutional investors. In addition to acting as a co- investor, the company has excellent tenant access and extensive revitalisation expertise. redos can look back on a long track record in the field of restructuring and value optimisation. The retail property specialist currently manages a retail real estate portfolio worth around €3.7 billion at 111 locations throughout Germany. redos manages a total of more than 1.55 million m2 of rental area. With its property database ROB, the company has access to detailed information on around 18,000 retail locations throughout Germany.