Track Record

Institutional funds “Redos Einzelhandel Deutschland I+II”

Institutional funds “Redos Einzelhandel Deutschland I+II”

Together with Union Investment, redos currently manages two special funds: the „Redos Einzelhandel Deutschland I“ and „Redos Einzelhandel Deutschland II“ („Redos Retail Germany“ and „Redos Retail Germany II“). redos thereby is responsible for the fund, asset and transaction management, while Union Investment acts as a third party AIFM. Both special AIFs were designed for institutional investors and are investing in large-scale retail property throughout Germany. For the new „Redos Einzelhandel Deutschland II“, which was launched in September 2017, the Bordeaux portfolio with ten specialist market centres was acquired as a start portfolio.


Institutional investors

Fund, asset and transaction management


Third party AIFM

Union Investment

Initiation „Redos Einzelhandel Deutschland“

June 2014

Target vol. „Redos Einzelhandel Deutschland“

around €600 million

Current investment vol. „Redos Einzelhandel Deutschland“

€538.8 million (November 2018)

Initiation „Redos Einzelhandel Deutschland II“

September 2017

Target volume „Redos Einzelhandel Deutschland II“

around €1 billion

Current investment vol. „Redos Einzelhandel Deutschland II“

€811.00 million (May 2019)