How do shopping centres have to change in times of digitalisation and new customer requirements? What role do polities play in strengthening over the counter retail? What makes the retail real estate industry so exciting? And what should young women planning a career in the real estate industry look out for? These are only a few of the questions that Christine Hager, Managing Director / Head of Shopping Center Asset Management at redos and chair of the German Council of Shopping Centers, discussed in an interview with the member magazine of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce “Hamburger Wirtschaft” (“Hamburg economy”).

According to Christine Hager, there are hardly any free or approvable areas for the construction of new large-scale shopping centres left in the Top7 German cities. Therefore, “revitalisation is a necessity and challenge at the same time.” In times of growing e-commerce digitalisation gives stationary retailers the chance to get closer to their customers again, says Hager. “Retail is change”, she emphasizes. But according to her, this is exactly what makes the retail real estate industry so fascinating.

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