Today, the redos Group is one of the most important and largest asset, fund and investment managers for large-scale retail properties in Germany. From the company’s headquarters in Hamburg, a strong team of more than 50 professionals manages a portfolio worth more than 3.6 billion euros, with more than 100 property locations and rental space exceeding 1.5 million m². redos is an organically grown company that was founded in 2004 by Oliver Herrmann in Hamburg.

Oliver, born in Bonn in 1969, developed his passion for retail companies at the first stage of his professional career, when he joined the Gemini Aera Group as project manager at the beginning of the 1990s. That time, the company was one of the leading project developers for shopping and retail parks. Oliver’s entrepreneurial spirit became apparent early on, so that in 1993 he and a partner founded his first own company, which specialized on development and realisation of large-scale retail properties. At the age of 30, Oliver Herrmann founded 3C Development in Spain, a project development company which became successful with shopping centres, retail parks and supermarkets. Finally, in 2004, together with business partners, he launched the redos Group in Hamburg. The business of 3C Development was integrated into redos five years later.

Since then, the redos group has constantly developed, built-up comprehensive know-how and further expanded its service portfolio. Already in the founding year of redos, Oliver Herrmann and his team gained a strong and long-term partner in Union Investment. So far, they have launched three large special funds for institutional investors, successfully managed by redos. This has been complemented over the years by successful joint ventures with major international players, such as New York-based Madison International Realty and Morgan Stanley Real Estate Investment (MSRE).

In May 2022, Redevco B.V., part of COFRA Holding AG, one of the largest private real estate managers in Europe, acquired a majority stake in redos. Oliver Herrmann has subsequently left the operational management of the company he founded. However, he remains associated with redos as a shareholder.


Oliver Herrmann

Oliver Herrmann

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