The “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” reported on 30.11.2012 about the results of a redos analysis of retail trade locations. This reveals that locations on the municipal periphery could be more attractive for big retail stores than densely populated city centres. A useful location, it suggests, would be Straubing in Bavaria, as in view of the lack of alternatives more country dwellers than city residents would be attracted to the shops. The same would apply to Weiden in the Upper Pfalz, Passau, Schweinfurth and Trier. Negative location factors are cities with diminishing population (like Magdeburg or Neubrandburg, for instance) or cities like Rüsselsheim, Wolfsburg and Ingolstadt where a single company creates most of the jobs. Opportunities are offered by the urgent need of rehabilitation of many specialist market centres. While many investors see this as a deterrent, the value of such properties does not lie in the substance of the buildings, but rather in the planning permission, the location and the target tenants envisaged.